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Manager Gill North

Gill was one of the founding members of Learning Space and joined as Manager in 1997. Her background is in teaching and before Learning Space she worked in secondary schools and further education.  Gill splits her time between managing the charity and direct work with children and families.
“I still feel as passionate about the work as I did in 1997 – I know the support we offer is unique and children respond so well to our methods. Learning Space is such a powerful model for change - it’s been great to be part of its growth and development." 

Lesley Pitt

Before joining Learning Space in 2010 Lesley worked in the social care sector – most of her roles have been involved services for children and families.

"Being able to offer guided 'space' with a solution focused approach to children and families who are experiencing a difficult time has been very rewarding for me.  I am amazed that something so simple is so effective.  As the newest member of Learning Space I have to say that I've entered a team that is professional, caring and highly motivated.  Our peer supervision allows us to share our ideas and views on how we work with children and young people and makes sure we offer the best possible way forward for them.  My one wish would be that Learning Space could be offered to more children, young people and families." 

Liz Cope

Liz has been part of the team since 2006 and she is a qualified counsellor with experience as a teacher in secondary schools and pupil referral units.

“I enjoy the opportunity to work co-operatively with children, parents and schools with the aim of a desired outcome for all. My experience is that young people with problems are skilled at finding their own solutions and they make excellent use of the quiet and creative atmosphere that we are able to offer them”.

Gay Stracy

Gay is a founding member of the Learning Space and previously worked in various roles in secondary schools both as a teacher and as a special needs co-ordinator.

“Working for Learning Space has been a wonderful mix of challenge, opportunity, joy, laughter and sadness. Using solution focused approaches and exploring what works – the positives in people’s lives provides wonderful and creative opportunities. I feel I am very lucky to work for Learning Space”.

Cathy Ridge

Cathy has been part of the team since 2008.  She has many years experience teaching across the 4-11 age range.  She has also been a primary Special Needs Co-Ordinator for several years.  Cathy also works as a volunteer buddy for the bereavement charity Jigsaw4U.

"Learning Space has given me the opportunity to work with children, families and schools helping people focus on all the positives in their lives and to find their own solutions to difficulties.  If Learning Space can help make even a small difference to the quality of children's lives then every minute spent is priceless.  I am very priveleged to be part of Learning Space." 

Eleanor Gavira

Eleanor joined the team in 2006 after previously training as a teacher and working in the special school sector. 

"I taught in both primary and secondary schools before starting this job and the thing I particularly enjoy about Learning Space is working so closely with the children and celebrating their success".

Juliet Cumpatescu

Juliet is a qualified dramatherapist and has been working for Learning Space since 2006. 

"My training as a dramatherapist enriches my solution focused work with children - some children like to talk through their challenges and others prefer to express themselves through story, play, artwork or clay.  I try to find the medium that suits each best and take it from there". 

Natash Adams

Natasha is a qualified Youth and Community worker and joined the team in September 2015. She has ten years experience of working with young people both one to one and in groups through needs led programmes, workshops, open access youth clubs and targeted projects in schools.
"I have had the privilege to work with some of the most incredible young people and teams in supporting young people to feel safe, have a richer sense of themselves, understand their position in society and support creative opportunities, development and aspirations to feel and be successful". 

Helen Phillips

Helen joined the Learning Space team in December 2016 having spent the last 12 years working for a local school nursing service. She brings with her valuable experiences of having worked with children and young people from 5-19 years of age as well as their families and schools. Helen is a qualified nursery nurse and experienced enuresis practitioner and has recently started to train as a counsellor.

Helen says" I am so pleased and excited to be joining the Learning Space team as a mentor for young people. I feel that this is such a vital and valuable service and I am very much looking forward to being part of the team.


Before joining Learning Space Sarah worked in a secondary school delivering one to one and group support to vulnerable young people and running groups for parents and carers wishing to foster closer relationships with children and teenagers. She is a Certified Parenting Instructor using a Connection based approach to nurture great family relationships “Knowing how vital good connection and being listened to well are for helping children thrive, I really enjoy supporting the wonderful young people that Learning Space work with. It is a privilege to be part of such a committed team of professionals. I wish that all young people and families could receive this level of positive attention and care”.

Jane Norrington

Prior to joining the team in 2018 Jane worked as a Children’s Occupational Therapist. She also has experience as a Senior Portage Worker.
“ I am so pleased to be part of this team. It’s members have such a rich variety of skills that are so readily shared.I particularly enjoy seeing children and young people grow in their self esteem, confidence and independence.”

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..... is a new programme for 13 to 18 year olds which offers solution-focused mentoring to young people who need a safe space 'to be' and express themselves without expectations or rigid time limits.

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