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shutterstock 76142455Learning Space provides a cost unique, cost effective service for children, young people and families which complements existing pastoral care systems in schools. The potency of the support is strengthened because Learning Space workers are outside of the school organisation. This generally feels more comfortable for the children, young people and families and they respond positively to our offer.

The referral process is very straightforward – after obtaining parental permission teachers and support staff then complete a simple referral form. Learning Space provides a quick response and will agree the most appropriate type of support. This could be:

  • Individual support for the child or young person – intensive, regular weekly sessions in school which last on average 30 minutes and run for 12 weeks. Participants engage in creative, solution focused talk and activities which encourages the skills of problem solving, individual goal setting and self-management, resilience and strategies to cope positively with change and challenge.
  • Individual support for parents / carers – intensive , regular sessions which can take place in school or at home which last on average 40 minutes and run for 12 weeks. The focus of the sessions will be agreed at the outset but may include work on parenting styles, family relationships and communication, rules and boundaries and supporting children through family breakdown and bereavement. Very often it is useful to hold joint sessions with children and parents.
  • Off-site programmes - when children and young people are out of school because of exclusion, awaiting placement, change of school placement or school refusal Learning Space is able to offer temporary off-site learning programmes at our base in Dorking.  Following assessment students receive an individualised support package based on their needs which could include basic skills teaching and accreditation, curriculum support and 1:1 mentoring.



We work directly with those children and families whose complex behaviours and issues schools, in isolation, struggle to support.

Schools and professional organisations are able to negotiate their own service level agreements according to their specific needs.

Weekly individual support for 7 children / families £1 750 per school term

Weekly individual support for 4 children / families £988 per school term

8 week groupwork programme £500

Off-site programmes £38 per hour

These examples are inclusive and cover all on-costs such as management, individual staff supervision, training / professional development of staff, travel, written reports, individual monitoring and weekly verbal feedback


Learning Space can also offer a variety of professional traning and support which includes; 

  • Introduction to the Solution Focused Approach - this lively interactive workshop introduces participants to the basic solution focused techniques and provides opportunity for practice and reflection.  It is very useful for teachers and support staff who want to develop their skills of engaging positively with both children and parents.
  • Staff mentoring - individual support aimed at senior leaders, teachers and support staff which provides space for reflective practice and helps participants cope with workplace challenges and stress
  • Supervision for home school link workers - these workers often face emotionally demanding situations and need regular access to experienced staff who can help the worker to process their experiences and practice - supervision is essential for safe practice and in turn leads to a better service for clients


Please contact for more information on costs of staff training and support. 


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