Group work

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Group work usually consists of up to 8 participants and lasts approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Referrals for group work can be from schools and other professional services.

The precise focus of the sessions is agreed with the school or the referrer at the outset and can be personalised to meet different situations or needs. 

Some of the most popular themes are:


  • Social and communication skills – the children engage in team work activities, games and group projects that encourage the development of listening, discussion / turn taking, the art of winning and losing and compromise.
  • Behaviour – solution focused groupwork for children and young people identifies individual strengths which can enable the participants to manage themselves and their feelings in more positive ways. The use of structured role play allows a safe and fun way for the children to explore the effects of different behaviours on others.
  • Transition groups – using games, team activities, role play and discussion these groups offer year 6 children space to process and share their feelings about moving to secondary school. The solution focused approach allows the children to discover and explore their own strengths thus giving a greater sense of confidence in their own ability to manage well in their new environment. This service can be offered to the whole of year 6 as well as just targeted children. 
  • Peer support – children from different year groups work on a shared project . The aim is to encourage interaction and collaboration between the whole school cohort and at the same time foster peer support networks throughout the school. 
  • Playground Games – in this ten week course the children are first taught a variety of playground games. As well as being great fun these games foster social skills such as co-operation, turn taking and self-awareness. The children then work together to create a “playground manual” for reference in the school. In the final the children become the teachers and are helped to share the new games with other groups of children. At a personal level the playground games group is powerful in raising self-esteem and confidence. At a school level this group can positively change the atmosphere in the whole playground.
  • Parent and child groups – this course aims to develop the parent /child relationship and improve communication. Each session is divided into two sections. The first half, for parents only, offers both an introduction to solution focused techniques to use as a skilful parenting tool. In the second half, through a variety of craft and play, parents and children enjoy time together and parents are able, at the same time, to practise their new skills. 
  • Self-esteem groups – in the knowledge that low self-esteem is a major factor in poor classroom behaviour these groups use games and other creative activities to help children recognise their own strengths and the strengths of other group members in order to begin to build a more positive self image.



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