Learning Space and the Solution Focused Approach

The core of the Learning Space method is the belief that an individual already has within them all the resources and skills needed to change and resolve their own difficulties. We are more interested in exploring solutions than in trying to understand problems and we believe that sometimes the smallest of changes is all that is needed in order to bring about further change and progress.shutterstock 49636606It is important that the children and young people we work with want to take part in Learning Space programmes. We encourage them to set their own objectives and support them to monitor their progress towards these goals. Strategies such as strength cards are used so that children can identify their skills as well as areas for development. Our work concentrates on finding the positives in children’s lives.
Learning Space is more concerned with discovering competencies than solving problems. We listen carefully to what the initial concerns are and then refocus towards solutions. This changes the context from one of blame and failure to hopefulness and success.

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..... is a new programme for 13 to 18 year olds which offers solution-focused mentoring to young people who need a safe space 'to be' and express themselves without expectations or rigid time limits.


....Are you worried about your child / teenager? Parents can now contact us directly to find out how we may be able to support the emotional well-being of children and young people.

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